Fucopia, the holistic organic fucoidan supplement for pets

We all love our pets, they are part of our family.  When your pet doesn’t feel well, or has been diagnosed with cancer, you want to do all you can to extend their life and comfort.

Fucopia™- The Fucoidan Rich Holistic Organic Pet Supplement

Fucopia is the holistic organic fucoidan-rich supplement for pets.  As studies finding the health benefits of fucoidan continue being published, more and more people are adding fucoidan supplements to their health regimen, and we feel it should be no different for our pets, who suffer from many of the same ailments we humans suffer from. Fucoidan has disease fighting properties, it also inhibits viruses, inflammation, arthritis, promotes cartilage health, liver health, and cardiovascular health. The alginates in fucoidan promote digestive health and elimination by working as an inner lubricant to the system.

Tweet: Fucopia is the best holistic natural organic pet supplement for your senior dog and pets. Fucopia’s efficacy is based on scientific research showing fucoidans ability to enhance the immune system and increase bodily defenses to fight disease and viruses. Visit https://ctt.ec/5yLc0+Fucopia is the best holistic natural organic pet supplement for your senior dog and pets. Fucopia’s efficacy is based on scientific research from over 1830 studies showing the remarkable ability of fucoidan, a polysaccharide rich component in seaweed,  to enhance the immune system and increase bodily defenses to fight disease and viruses. The studies have shown fucoidan promotes “apoptosis”, which is the break-down of abnormal cells, while enhancing stem cell ability to differentiate into the specific cells needed for body repair. Studies have also demonstrated fucoidans ability to inhibit the ability of cancer cells to metastasize.

It is important to know that there are great differences in seaweeds..

Many species of seaweed do not have sufficient fucoidan content, and some have extremely high iodine content or blood thinning properties, making them dangerous as a daily supplement.  Brown seaweeds and some sea-cucumbers contain fucoidan. Fresh seaweeds are not a good source, as many bowls would have to be eaten daily to get the same benefit as concentrated dried seaweed, and your pet would not be likely to eat the amount needed.

We are not implying that Fucopia is a “miracle” cure, however scientific studies have demonstrated the active ingredient in Fucopia helps relieve arthritis pain, inhibits tumor growth (through its ability to inhibit the blood vessel supply necessary for tumors to grow) and affects abnormal cells, triggering the immune system to recognize and attack them, while stimulating stem cells to help healing. Many humans are taking fucoidan due to the results the studies are finding, and new studies are on-going.  Even Cancer Centers have recommended intake of fucoidan as far back as 2013, although they have not caught up to more recent studies using human clinical trials.

How Does Fucopia™ Effect Your Pet?

Your pet will have renewed energyYour pet will have renewed energy and vitality as the aging pains of arthritis and worn cartilage are soothed, and immune function will be enhanced.  Fucopia is the best natural organic source of fucoidan for your senior dog and pets.

Our pets are no different from us in the respect that modern diets have become devoid of nutrients necessary for immune function and general health.

The potent pure organic seaweed used in Fucopia™ provides over sixty bioavailable minerals, plus vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients in a palatable easy to use powder. Sprinkling a small amount on your pet’s wet food and mixing it in will ensure your pet is receiving all of the benefits that fucoidan rich seaweeds provide.

Fucopia testimonial: Our dog Chloe has been diagnosed with bone cancer with at most 3 months to live. She eats Fucopia like she has been craving it all her life!

Is Fucopia Safe?

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The active ingredient in Fucopia™ has been tested on human subjects at very high doses (2 grams per day) and resulted in no side effects or toxicity.  There have been many studies done on humans and animals regarding the effect of the active ingredient in Fucopia™ (fucoidan) for its anti-cancer abilities.  Since cancer in pets shows no biological difference than cancer in humans, it makes logical sense that the results seen are valid for our pets.  Fucopia™ is made of human grade 100% pure organic seaweed proven safe for consumption.

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