Fucoidan reduces the toxicities of chemotherapy, Enhances the Anti-Cancer Activity of Chemotherapeutic Agents

Fucopia can help with pet chemotherapyFucopia is not only safe to take during cancer treatments, fucoidans help reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy agents while enhancing activity.

In a study investigating whether fucoidan reduces the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs in cancer patients, it was found that fucoidan significantly suppressed general fatigue experienced by patients.

All of the patients in the study completed six months of fucoidan therapy with no side effects.

It was also noted in the study that fucoidan plays a significant role in tumor suppression, and induces apoptosis (death and removal of abnormal cells) in tumor cells.

In this particular study, the prognosis of the patients was found to be more favorable after treatment with fucoidan.

Another study on breast cancer has found that fucoidan has a synergestic affect on certain chemotherapy agents (including TAXOL) to induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in particular breast cancer cell lines.

These studies have demonstrated the ability of fucoidan to not only help inhibit tumors and cancers through apoptosis, but to be beneficial by enhancing the cancer treatments prescribed by your veterinarian.

Help your cancer stricken pet deal with cancer treatments with holistic organic Fucopia!


Fucoidan reduces the toxicities of chemotherapy for patients with unresectable advanced or recurrent colorectal cancer

Fucoidan Extract Enhances the Anti-Cancer Activity of Chemotherapeutic Agents in MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells