Find Out How Horses Benefit from Fucopia

Fucopia Has Many Benefits for Horses!

Horse owners are aware of how important nutrient uptake from feed is!  You buy the best feed to help your horses thrive. A horse or pony’s nutrient intake can also be affected by gut health. A small amount of Fucopia enhances gut health, allowing for better nutrient absorption.  In addition to all of the benefits from fucoidan listed on our science page, there are specific benefits for horses.  Many cultures have fed horses seaweed for the nutrients and iodine for centuries.  Now that more is known about fucoidan, there is more reason to supplement your horses feed with all natural holistic organic Fucopia!

Fucopia and horsesBenefits for horses include:

Improved coat sheen
Helps prevent hoof cracks with natural vitamin B12
Increased fertility
Helps detoxify from exposure to moldy feed
Stimulates appetite and digestion
Promotes healthy gut flora
Assists in ulcer prevention

Supports immune system
Helps calm nerves

Fucopia for HorsesFeeding Instructions:

Sprinkle evenly into feed, if using dry feed slightly moisten the feed so the seaweed powder will adhere to it.

Mature Horses -1 oz. (2 tablespoons) in daily feed

Colts and Ponies – 1/2 oz. (1 tablespoon) in daily feed

STORAGE: Fucopia comes in a stay fresh foil pouch. Close securely after use, Fucopia will remain shelf stable for up to four years.

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