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Give us your feedback on Fucopia!Would you like to share your feedback about Fucopia and your pet?  This is the place!

Let us know how your pet has benefited from Fucopia.  We love to hear your feedback, and other pet-parents can learn first-hand how Fucopia gives pets the nutritional boost to combat many health issues.

Here is what pet-parents are saying about Fucopia:

“Our dog Chloe has been diagnosed with bone cancer with at most 3 months to live. We have started her on Fucopia and she eats it like she has been craving it all her life! Along with a natural raw food diet and Fucopia, I am hoping she is on the road to recovery! Thank you!”  – Kathleen M., West Palm Beach, FL

“I have a dog with arthritis and bone spurs and I can’t tell you enough how much it has improved his gait and general well being!” – Amy H., Aiken Saddlery

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2 thoughts on “Fucopia Feedback

  1. Jenna Jordan says:

    My dog had end stage kidney and liver issues. I noticed immediate improvement. She had more energy and bowel health improved. She lived months past what was expected and feel this helped tremendously.

    • Fucopia says:

      We are so sorry to hear that you lost your beloved dog, please accept our condolences. Thank you for giving us this valuable feedback. You did everything you could to help her, and we are glad to hear that Fucopia helped her live her remaining days in better comfort.

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