Dr. Jeff and Holistic Actions Academy

Introducing Dr. Jeff Feinman, Certified Homeopath and Integrative Veterinarian Fucopia would like to share information with our viewers about Dr. Jeff Feinman’s HomeVet community.  Dr. Jeff has a wealth of information on his site HomeVet regarding holistic and homeopathic care of our pets! Dr. Jeff and Holistic Actions! supports Fucopia’s efforts to introduce pet parents to the […]


Find Out How Horses Benefit from Fucopia

Fucopia Has Many Benefits for Horses! Horse owners are aware of how important nutrient uptake from feed is!  You buy the best feed to help your horses thrive. A horse or pony’s nutrient intake can also be affected by gut health. A small amount of Fucopia enhances gut health, allowing for better nutrient absorption.  In addition […]


Fucoidan reduces the toxicities of chemotherapy, Enhances the Anti-Cancer Activity of Chemotherapeutic Agents

Fucopia is not only safe to take during cancer treatments, fucoidans help reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy agents while enhancing activity. In a study investigating whether fucoidan reduces the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs in cancer patients, it was found that fucoidan significantly suppressed general fatigue experienced by patients. All of the patients in the study completed six […]


Fucoidan Eliminates Deadly Parasites

Perhaps you have never heard of Visceral leishmaniasis (VL). But over 12 million people (and uncounted dogs and cats) are affected by a fatal infection caused by this parasite. Until now, the treatment for this parasite consisted of toxic drugs, which caused more damage to the body, on people already weakened with the infection. In a […]