Fucoidan Eliminates Deadly Parasites

Fucopia - Fucoidan eliminates parasitesPerhaps you have never heard of Visceral leishmaniasis (VL). But over 12 million people (and uncounted dogs and cats) are affected by a fatal infection caused by this parasite.

Until now, the treatment for this parasite consisted of toxic drugs, which caused more damage to the body, on people already weakened with the infection.

In a study using fucoidan on mice infected with VL, not only did the fucoidan treatment cure the condition, it also gave the mice immunity to further infection with the parasite!

Researchers were so impressed with the results of fucoidan they suggested more uses!

The results of this study led the researchers to state“Attempts to produce derivatives for oral treatment are of particular importance, with the obvious advantages of ease of application and reduction of treatment cost. The pharmacological safety of fucoidan is ensured by non-toxic consumption of up to 1 g/day in humans.  Moreover, oral fucoidan in clinical trials has been shown to significantly amplify CXCR4-expressing CD34+ cells, leading to tumour suppression and metastasis.  Establishment of an appropriate T cell response by fucoidan suggests that this natural product could be used as a potential immunomodulator to generate the required immunity not only for the treatment of non-healing leishmaniasis, but also for the treatment of other chronic infectious diseases.”

At Fucopia, we believe this research is applicable to our pets, and this holistic organic beneficial supplement can help our pets battle the same illnesses and ailments we humans must combat!

Fucopia can help keep your pet healthy with a strong immune system!

Fucoidan cures infection with both antimony-susceptible and -resistant strains of Leishmania donovani through Th1 response and macrophage-derived oxidants